Determine – Transcribe – Facilitate
With the proven John Spinosa system you too can be a starving artist!
-We will help set you on the fastest route straight to your goals.
-Learn to ration food so it will last you months
-Understand squatting laws with our mapped out international coordinates
-Let us show you how to trick bill collectors into no longer calling you
-We’ll teach you the best lines to use when trying to date Flight attendants so you can get free flights
-You’ll have access to our list of banks with their monthly, annual, and overdraft fees
-Gain access to our community board and current events listings so you can meet more like-minded individuals

When you live for passion money doesn’t matter, that’s why you should send some to us!

Please keep in mind that we offer nothing to benefit your life in any way. This program has potential to actually leave you in financial ruins. Our end goal is for you to send us all your money without giving you anything in return. Everything that is positive in your life will crumble into nothingness by the time we are done with you. Also, there is no community board, list of banks, or website access of any kind.

Feel free to send money anytime via
PayPal to: johnspinosa@yahoo.com
Venmo to: @JohnSpinosa
You can also contact us directly to set up transactions in the form of a check, money order, credit cards, and of course cash.

Here is a list of rich entrepreneurs that I have absolutely no ties to. They are here merely to help the SEO performance of this page. I repeat I have no connection with these people whatsoever. Please feel free to read the list many times so that you trick your mind into believing I might have these rich people in my network if it means you will send me money.
Tai Lopez
Gary Vaynerchuk
Steve Jobs
Elon Musk
Mark Zuckerberg
Bill Gates
Richard Branson
Guy Kawasaki
Jeff Bezos
Timothy Ferriss
Walt Disney
Mark Cuban
Warren Buffet
Larry Page
Donald Trump
Sergey Brin
Andrew Carnegie
Paul Allen
Henry Ford
Brian Chesky
Jack Dorsey
Steve Wozniak
Travis Kalanick
Michael S. Dell
Grant Cardone
Carlos Slim
Thomas Edison
Peter Thiel
Evan Spiegel
Kevin Systrom
Pat Flynn
Drew Houston
Jay Z
Sean John

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